Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Who told you not to believe in fairytales?

© eddy gabriel

Bollard by the river Schelde, painterly transformed to a toadstool, as part of an off-off art exhibition during "Antwerp 1993 - Cultural Capital of Europe".
The outset was to include it in a groupshow of gallery "Si & La", managed by Werner De Vos, but after he learned of my idea he declined and asked me if I wanted to have him jailed...(lol)...So I decided to go on on my own and spray-painted the bollard with the help of fellow artist Fons Brepoels.

A few weeks later most of the bollards in the area were sprayed-painted by many different people, flattering me by copying the idea, but ruining the surreal effect originally intended, as now this toadstool became just one in a long row of painted boulders.

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