Friday, 23 January 2015

Art's Birthday 2015

The people at Plank Tone organized a fold-a-hat competition to celebrate Art's 1.000.052nd birthday.
The first prize being a small golden hat.

I gave it a go and started playing with the words, ending up with a series of anagrams on the phrase "Art's Birthday 2015". Then Marcel Duchamp's hat rack sprang up in my mind, just begging to be married to Robert Filliou's paper hats. And thus the winner was born.

I made some more variations too:

And with the recent commotion surrounding Luc Tuymans and Katrijn Van Giel about plagiarism 
I could not resist this spoof:

A Legal Pastiche

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Anonymous said...

Leuke hoed Godverdomme!commentaar door (theo buys/HIPSCOTCH)